Welcome to Kolda joinery

We have 35 years of experience in the industry, thousands of completed individual contracts including special projects.

I have been doing joinery work since 1989. After experience in the field and internships abroad, I founded the KOLDA company and created a team of collaborators who have a lot of experience in joinery and restoration and have participated in the creation of a variety of non-traditional or alternative projects (musical instruments).

We operate mainly in the Central Bohemia and South Bohemia regions, but it is not a problem for us to agree on the implementation of orders in other parts of the Czech Republic, Germeny or Austria.

Více o nás

Solid oak cabinet

Furniture and interiors

Custom production of furniture and wood products, complete realization of interiors made of wood. We can deal with every idea.


Replica of a historical door

Restoration work

We have a wealth of experience in joinery and restoration work. We also create historical replicas of doors or windows.


Jade table

Artistic woodwork

We are also involved in the creation of a number of non-traditional or alternative projects, including the production of unique musical instruments.


Our services

  • consultations
  • interior design
  • supplyig smith works
  • transport and installations


Phone: +420 777 157 469 Email: kolda@kolda.cz

We operate in Central Bohemia and South Bohemia